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Technology Assessment


We can assist you by auditing your current IT system, identifying, diagnosing and, where appropriate, correcting current problems. Based on this assessment we can provide advice regarding system upgrades and strategic planning.

Remote Access


We often receive requests for remote and mobile access. Whether it is simply accessing emails on a mobile phone, accessing work desktops from offsite locations, or utilizing a hosted server to house data, we have assisted many businesses in solving their remote access issues.



Prevention is always easier and less costly than cure in relation to protecting your valuable business data. This is done by maintaining a schedule of backing up important files. You can do this manually or your computer can be programmed to back up automatically.

You can lose data files by inadvertently deleting them or due to hardware failure. Retrieving lost files can be complex and time consuming, not to mention expensive! Many businesses and individuals do not even think of backing up files until they are faced with the loss of valuable information, data files, irreplaceable photographs etc. Delamere can help you create an appropriate back-up system to protect your valuable resources.

There are various options and here are just some.

· Tape drive systems

· Offsite Hosted backup

· File/Drive Mirroring

· Backup to External HDD

· NAS Servers

Disaster Recovery


In a lot of cases, a business would find it very difficult to continue if they were to lose their data. It is for this reason that we recommend an appropriate disaster recovery plan be in place. These plans differ for different situations, but the same question will always guide you to any weakness in your system. – If I had a fire, how would I recover? Paper can burn, disks, tapes and CD’s can melt. It is for these reasons that we recommend an appropriate disaster recovery plan be established for your situation.

Support Desk


Delamere’s help desk services provide effective telephone support. We have considerable experience in assisting staff by telephone, remote control, or on site. We can assist clients with hardware and software problems related to computers at home or in the office.

Email Filtering


In today’s online business environment, you would be foolish to not utilize the best technology in protecting your systems and data. Email is an often targeted point of entry for malicious attacks. All it takes is one employee to have a “brain fade” moment, and you have just increased the chance of an attack getting through. Delamere partner with Mailguard to offer a robust email defense service offering.



Virus attacks are extremely common! Make sure you have software that will protect your system. You must always review the software and ensure that it is still offering your business adequate protection. We monitor what the latest industry standard are, and recommend an appropriate solution based on the latest information. Talk to us before you pay your renewal to ensure that you are making the correct decision for your business.



A server is simply one computer that provides services to other computers on a network. It is programmed to complete specific tasks and allow access to specific resources. If it fails in this, it can be expensive in time and money. We can design, build and install servers to suit your requirements, with your budget in mind. We can assist in maintaining your servers so that they are functioning to maintain business continuity.

Network Management


Delamere provides ongoing network administration and network management services. We are able to oversee the operational functions of your IT infrastructure as required.

Without appropriate management of a computer system, businesses are at increased risk of losing valuable business data, or productive time. Electrical failure can cause hard drives to go down and you will lose unsaved work. If your work environment uses a Local Area Network (LAN) generally these are secure, however there are many computers attached to this system and each has one or more storage devices, a hard drive, flash drive etc. These hold your valuable information. Each device is rated in ‘mean time between failure’ rates. This means that it is certain that at some time in the future they will fail – guaranteed.

Delamere can assist in monitoring your system and take pre-emptive action to reduce risk to systems and data stores.

We can furthermore help reduce costs by alerting staff to proactive techniques that will protect their work. We can assist them to becoming competent in troubleshooting some of the more common, simple problems that arise.

Managed Services


SystemCARE is our managed services maintenance contract service. Utilizing world leading managed services software, we can provide your servers and workstations with a 24/7/365 monitoring service.

SystemCARE allows us secure remote access to your servers and computers. When staff have a problem we can talk them through it, or with approval take control of the system and assist in identifing the source of the difficulty and rectify it. We can assess the status of systems and oversee processes – all without being physically on site. This is a great advantage to you in the speed with which problems can be handled during a telephone call. It can reduce waiting time, costs and computer downtime.

IT equipment requires ongoing maintenance to run reliably. SystemCARE ensures the integrity of your hardware and provides regular maintenance of your systems. This reduces the vulnerability and risk of damage to your company’s resources, helping to protect equipment and software and minimize errors. It can monitor your system to identify abnormal behaviour that might indicate imminent failure and thus assist in identifying developing issues before they become serious problems..

SystemCARE allows us to set up alerts and monitor trends in our computing environment, giving us a heads up on performance issues prior to your system going down. We are no longer left to react to disasters as they arise. Our system puts us on the offensive, heading off issues before they result in downtime and protecting your network from stressful and costly losses.

SystemCARE puts us ahead of the game.

Its protected online access allows us to see precisely what your users see. This makes it possible to produce quick solutions to problems that could otherwise require an expensive personal service call. Cutting-edge online connectivity software allows us to resolve most network issues rapidly and affordably. Delamere is a pioneer in offsite support and remote system tracking.



There are a lot of devices that simply do not get enough maintenance. Making sure you have an appropriate maintenance schedule in place can significantly extend the life of most devices. One significant issue that we see far to often is the cooling. A lot of systems cool themselves with airflow. Over time they suck in dust and can get blocked. Did you know that a hot computer will be running slower?

This does not mean you should vacuum them! This can end up in static electricity badly damaging the system.

We can come to your office and clean out your system for you with our equipment.

System Repairs and Upgrades


New faster systems are constantly being released. New processes that improve connectivity, screen display and print quality etc. Many processes facilitate your business, but require more of your computer system than was previously the case. We realize that it can be tempting to always see a need for the latest technology, it is not always going to benefit you as much as you may think. We will recommend upgrades when they are needed by your requirements, however we are not the type of company that will try and sell you beyond your needs. There can be upgrade options that are a better progressive step depending on your requirements and the market cycle. Although you do not necessarily need the latest products, failure to up grade when appropriate will render your system slower and perhaps even obsolete for current software. We can advise regarding workstation, server or network hardware as required.

Custom Design

lach pc.jpg

In some instances when upgrading is necessary, it may be cheaper to design construct and install a new system to better meet the needs of your business going forward. We will advise if this is the case.

Secure Destruction


Staff often dispose of or destroy disks, invalidly assuming that, having erased the information, it is gone. When businesses dispose of obsolete systems or disks, they often do so without concern for the protection of sensitive business information. We can conduct a complete clean of your hard drives and disks.



Just as locks are necessary to protect your home, so is a firewall to protect your computer systems and data stores. The only time your computer system can be guaranteed completely safe from attack is when it is not connected to a network or the internet. Whenever you are connected to the internet, you are exposed to the risk of access by unwelcome guests. Some may simply be a nuisance but others are far more dangerous. They may employ viruses, worms or Trojan horses to access your system, steal personal information such as bank account details and passwords, steal or delete data or even crash your system. A firewall can greatly reduce your vulnerability. We can advise on the best protective system for your requirements. We have experience with many varieties of Hardware Firewall some being Draytek, TP-Link, & Cisco.

Data Encryption


It is vital to maintain the privacy of your important business files. It may be that your computer files also include confidential client information. Perhaps you carry your laptop with you, on site. Despite your firewall and antiviral software, which protect you from internet based threats, your vital confidential files are vulnerable if your computer is lost or stolen. We can help you by encrypting your important files. This renders a file unreadable to anyone else. Only your personal logon key can allow your encrypted files to be read.

Email Systems


Email systems have become a mission critical system for most businesses. Therefore simply utilizing the free account from your ISP is simply not going to be good enough for most. We can assist in configuring your email to use your domain, and allow you access levels ranging from local PC only, right through to a full online solution, that will allow access to your entire data, including calendars, contacts etc., from any internet enabled PC in the world.