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We want to help you keep your family safe when they are online.


Is your home network protecting your family?

There can be many aspects of home networks that are put in the “too hard basket”. We can help you sort these out.

A network need appropriate permissions to protect its users. This does not have to be difficult to administer. One of our engineers can visit your home and configure a system for you. We can then train you on how to manage this yourself.

A safe home internet connection needs consideration of a few basic aspects:

  • WiFi passwords should be known only by the right people.

  • Router passwords need to be secure. There are a lot of people who never change them from their default, and this is just asking for trouble. Also make sure you select strong passwords (Not the kid’s name, the pet’s name, or the street name etc).

  • Permissions need to be set, and you need to know how to see what these are and alter them. An effective system needs to be easy to learn easy to use, and does not have to be difficult to learn.

  • Know which devices are connected to your network.

Content Filtering


Does your home network protect your children from accessing the wrong parts of the web? We can come to your home and install and configure the Circle for you, and then show you how to use it with your family.

This is a great little device that can help you rest easier knowing who is using your connection, and what they have access to.

  • Set Bedtimes and Awake times. These can be day dependent.

  • Restrict content or sites.

  • Set by Person, and assign multiple devices to that person.

  • Set by Device.

  • Use Circle to reward with extra time, or late bedtime

  • Set a separate pass code on your Circle management app

Backups - Is your data as safe as you think?


Are your photo’s and other files backed up?

Unfortunately over the years we have had visits from people who have lost data. There can be many reasons why data can be lost, but none of them change the outcome. You just need to know that you have a simple and effective backup system.

We will recommend a solution that is correct for you. That may be cloud based, network attached, or it may be something very different.

Rule One with your files:

  1. Make sure your data is in more than one location at all times.




New faster systems are constantly being released. New processes that improve connectivity, screen display and print quality etc. We realize that it can be tempting to always see a need for the latest technology, it is not always going to benefit you as much as you may think. We will recommend upgrades as and when needed. We will never recommend you to buy beyond your needs. There can be upgrade options that are a better progressive step depending on your requirements and the market cycle.



Do you know if your Antivirus software is working?

Do you know why you chose that antivirus software?

Is that still good Antivirus software?

Do you know how to check what your software has been doing?

Did you know that we monitor alerts on our clients Antivirus software?



Most home systems do not get much maintenance. These systems cool themselves with airflow. Over time they suck in dust and can get blocked.

Did you know that a hot computer will be running slower?

This does not mean you should vacuum them. This can end up in static electricity badly damaging the system.

We can clean out your system for you with our equipment.

Do you have a child who wants to build their own Computer?


There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered when building a system from scratch. Utilize our experience to select appropriate hardware and oversee the physical build of the machine.

All of our staff have Working With Children’s cards, and can work with your child, or you and your child to:

  • Select appropriate hardware or review a prepared list.

  • Assist with sourcing of the components

  • Physically building the machine.

  • Installing software and testing the system.

Secure Destruction


Do you have an old computer that you want to get rid of? Are you sure that you have removed your personal data from it? Do you know that just deleting the files really doesn’t do very much? We can conduct a complete clean of your hard drives and disks.

Are you over the messy cables?


It doesn’t have to be a mess. We can help you identify the necessary leads. There are a few good tips and tricks that can be effective.