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It all started in 1999

Delamere has provided a wide range of Information Technology advice and assistance on key business systems to many companies across the greater Melbourne area.

Good business has a key focus. Delamere can assist you to maintain your key business focus by providing advice and assistance with your IT infrastructure. We will function as your IT partner.

Managing business continuity is critical. In the twenty first century, we all rely heavily on networked computers to do business. Delamere will work with you to determine systems and data that are critical to your business. Understanding your risks is prerequisite to their protection in the event of unforseen circumstances. We will assist in creating a strategy to keep your systems and data secure and available. If systems are down, business is impacted. These strategies will minimize downtime. Good preventative maintenance keeps systems in the best possible working order. Good protective strategies facilitate restoration when problems arise.

Delamere provides cost effective and expert system support to meet your requirements. Whether you require one time phone help, full time help desk support, and network diagnosis, repair and maintenance or internet based network management, we can provide appropriate support without the costs of in-house IT support staff.

We have a diverse client base including various professional groups, pharmacists, consultants, manufacturers, trades, distributors, associations, not for profit organisations and retailers. We offer an extensive range of options regarding products, services and levels of support. If you would like to discuss your specific IT requirements please contact us via email enquiries@delamere.org, or by telephone on 03 8685 8575 to arrange a consultation.